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If you’re here, then you are looking for answers. You’re not alone, we see hundreds of people in all sorts of situations and life circumstances. When you are ready to start living life pain free, experience a new “normal,” and to create predictable health to actually enjoy your life for the long-term, we want to show you how.

This is our approach to getting you well:
Initial Visit: We will find what problems you have been struggling with. This is the first step in learning how to best approach care for your specific situation. We want to respect your time and be as efficient as possible. When you come on your first visit, we will see you immediately. You can also speed up the process by filling out the New Patient paperwork HERE

  • Thermography – Vital to finding and measuring where inflammation is in the body so we can be as specific as possible.
  • Static EMG – Let’s find where the spinal distortions are and why they are causing you pain and dysfunction.
  • X-Rays – We can objectively see the state of your spine, arthritis, degeneration, distortions, anomalies, damage, and possible “red flags” that need immediate attention.
  • Orthopedic/Neurological Tests – You are unique. Sometimes more testing is needed for certain situations.

What happens next?

We take your health seriously. We will analyse everything that we have found up until this point and if you are a good candidate for the office then we will schedule you for your initial treatment. This is a really important time because it will allow us to see how well you respond to treatment and how to better create a plan with you to not only get you out of pain fast but provide you with a lifetime of value with lasting correction.

The next step is to schedule you for your doctor’s report. This is a vital step in understanding the full picture of how you can regain hope, and lasting change. This is the most important visit that you will have with us. We do ask for any supporting family members such as a spouse be present to understand your situation as well.

Don’t hesitate, find out how you can transform your health, without drugs and surgery so that you can live life again with more energy than you thought possible. Go ahead and download the “new patient paperwork and give us a call to start your transformation.

Still not sure? We understand. Trying something new can be challenging.

If that’s you, then let me invite you to our Community Dinner with the Doc. At this dinner, Dr. Paul will be talking about everything that you need to know to get well and stay well. Sign up below:

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