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Millions of Americans experience knee pain every year. Due to this fact, many people are constantly looking for relief from their knee pain. There are many types of knee pain causes because it is a mobile and weight bearing joint. The most important thing when looking for knee pain management or knee pain relief is to find out what is actually causing your pain.



               As a complex joint there are many causes of both chronic knee pain and severe knee pain (or acute knee pain). In order to provide natural knee pain relief, we must first determine what is the primary pain generators that are causing your knee problem. Here are the most common regions and reasons that you may be experiencing knee pain:

  • Osteoarthritis (leading to bone on bone arthritis)
  • Ligament damage or instability (ACL, PCL, and the inside and outside ligaments)
  • Meniscus damage or tears
  • Tendon or muscle damage from overuse
  • Fractures
  • Misalignment of the knee joint
  • Previous strain injury to the knee
  • Gout
  • Obesity
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis

Many lifestyle factors also play a role in sore knees. If you have working on your feet, particularly on a hard surface, for many years it is going to wear down the joint and create knee joint pain. Many other factors like smoking, diabetes, and general inflammatory lifestyles will create the environment for knee damage, swelling, and knee inflammation to occur. Over time, this breaks down to the point that you start to feel pain. If you have had previous injuries from sports or just incidental, this will increase the rate the arthritis in the knees will set in. It is vitally important to treat knees before they degenerate too far. However, we have seen many “bone-on-bone” knee patients see wonderful results.


Conventional Treatments

With millions of people every year seeking a knee pain doctor, there are a multitude of treatments available ranging from mild therapy to complete knee replacement. Our goal at our clinic in Katy, Texas (just West of Houston, Texas) is to provide natural knee pain solutions that provide an alternative to invasive knee surgery. The most common conventional treatments range from pain and anti-inflammatory medications for knee inflammation and knee swelling. You may have already tried these treatments but this is simply reducing pain without addressing the cause of the problem. The next line of treatment is usually a knee pain relief medication or solution that is injected directly into the knee. The most common is the steroid cortisone. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication. Like the pain medications previously stated, this is only temporary and also can cause damage to the joint and the cartilage and can even lead to tendon rupture. This is why this treatment is typically limited to 3 or 4 times a year. The next line of conventional treatment is surgery. There are over 700,000 knee replacements in the United Stated per year. This is expected to increase dramatically. Unfortunately, this procedure may be warranted in some cases, however there are many great natural knee pain solutions that are far less invasive and have far fewer risks.


Our Approach and Treatments

        At Cornerstone Family Chiropractic and Momentum Regenerative Medicine we specialize in providing the absolute best knee joint pain treatments for the Katy and Houston Texas areas. We utilize the most cutting-edge technologies in order to get you back up on your feet and enjoying life again.



Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

        Stem Cell Therapy is a branch of Regenerative Medicine because it is one of the few treatments that offers regeneration of the knee joint and cartilage. There is accumulating evidence that suggests that the use of stem cells in the knee have powerful pain-relieving effects and may even be able to postpone the need for a knee replacement. It is always better to consider this treatment before allowing your situation to progress to the point of considering knee replacement.

        We only utilize the most powerful variety of stem cell therapy called “Human Allograph Tissue.” These are derived from healthy donated umbilical cords of newborns. This product has a high amount of stem cells for knee pain. These are called immune-privileged cells which means that there is no concern with rejection. The added benefit to this type of stem cell for knee arthritis and knee pain is that it does not require any bone aspiration. Prior to this product being available, a needle would need to be placed in your hip bone to pull out bone marrow. This can be a painful process. With our process, this is no longer necessary and you can have your injection in a matter of minutes with little to no down time or recovery time. Call us to ask about our Stem Cell Therapy for Pain.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a wonderful product that allows us to draw a small amount of your own blood and use the healing properties in it to help promote healing in your knees. The amazing aspect of this procedure is that the PRP will signal your own native stem cells to aggregate to improve the healing process. For patients that have significant damage, this can be combined with stem cell injections to provide a synergistic and powerful relief for your aching knees.


Knee Decompression

The vast majority of our knee patients have significant narrowing of their knee joint from wear and tear or injury to the knee joint. So, with our specialized knee decompression unit, we can gently decompress the knee joint and allow the pressure to be relieved as well as opening the knee joint space. This creates a vacuum space which then allows the fluid in your knee pull the compressed fluid back into the knee joint providing vital nutrients to your knees. This procedure will often produce instant pain-relieving effects. We commonly combine this procedure with our other treatments in order to get the best knee pain relief in Houston and Katy, Texas.


Muscle Balancing

        Whenever you have damage or knee degeneration, specifically knee arthritis, the muscles surrounding the joint will be affected. Many times, the main points of pain are generated from these muscles. With our proprietary techniques we can essentially “reset” these muscles to allow them to relax and provide instant pain relief and a feeling of knee stability.



        For every pound of bodyweight that you have, three pounds will be placed on the knee. For this reason, if you are significantly overweight you will want to consider a healthy and proper weight loss program. We have wonderful weight loss options including a weight loss contour laser system to help you lose inches quickly and safely. Many of us here in the United States are constantly inflamed in our bodies and this creates an environment for inflammatory erosion of joints. This needs to be addressed for the best results.



        Our Results speak for themselves. Please take a few minutes and watch and read what others have had to say about our procedures. We would like to help you and your loved ones get out of pain quickly and get back to doing the things you love to do. Call today and ask about a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for our programs. We are the best knee pain solution for Katy, Texas.

- Cornerstone Pain & Wellness
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